TAGLIOLINI MET TRUFFEL tagliatelle with truffle wawarded best new
product of the year prize in 1992 at the Fancy Food Show in New York. The “Tartufissima Pasta” began in 1990, thanks to the experience and culinary imagination of Domenica and Beppe, founders of Tartuflanghe. It was the first pasta with truffle ever produced in the
world. Today, the “Tartufissima Pasta” line is still the number one pasta with truffle. This success  is due to its special characteristics: the completely hand-made shape, which gives an extraordinary texture to the pasta, the high percentage of truffle, the sophisticated and well balanced taste and the great quantity of eggs, which enhances the flavour of the truffle in this home-made pasta

13.40 euro
Excellent and exclusive aperitif, this snack is ideal to go with charcuterie, cheese and salads and with a glass of wine
or a cold beer.

5.95  euro  NEW
A delicious salmon cream made of fresh and smoked salmon and truffle. We use Norwegian salmons because the cold and deep water of the Atlantic gives them a tasty flavor and a high consistency. These salmons are treated using the traditional and artisanal Norwegian technique. This cream is characterised by a fine taste and a gentle pink colour, thanks also to the 25% of smoked salmon and 12% of fresh salmon.   Excellent spread on crackers and bread with butter, it can also be used as a sauce for dressing short pasta, gnocchi or for thickening risotto

9.95 euro  NEW
Main ingredients: D.O.P. Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, milk, butter, truffle.
Description: These tasty sauce is ideal to dress risotto, short pasta, gnocchi, ravioli, tortelli. Excellent also as spread. The product has been authorised by the Consortium of Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese. Tartuflanghe Sauces are ideal to season all kinds of pasta, gnocchi, tortelli and ravioli. They may also be tasty appetizers on bread or toast, they can be used to fill crêpes and pastry shells or as bases for original recipes

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PERLAGE VAN TRUFFEL:Tartuflanghe is the Italian producer of truffle specialties, hailing from the famed mushroom and truffle region of Piedmonte, Alba. Harvesting the fruit of the earth since 1980, their company has carried on the family tradition of truffle processing, and combined it with innovation and technology. Delving into the realm of molecular cuisine, they have introduced ‘Truffle Perlage’, pioneering a new frontier for truffle use. Since its launch Truffle Perlage has been awarded the prize “Innovations et Tendences” at SIAL 2010, Paris. Truffle Caviar is one of the most unique and luxurious ingredients from Tartuflanghe. Made from black winter truffle juice, obtained directly from fresh truffles during cooking, the juice is reduced into small pearls through the sophisticated technique of “spherification”. These pearls have the taste of truffle, with the same color and texture of caviar.
Truffle caviar can be served on crostini and blinis; used to garnish fresh cheese, foie gras, fish carpaccio; as a topping on soups, vegetable creams, cheese fondue, eggs, potato cream; and
used with sushi and all dishes which truffles are traditionally paired with

20.95 euro
Truffle chips by Tartuflanghe, the new way of tasting chips. Thanks to their thickness Truffle chips can be dipped in to sauces or used as a base for plenty of versions of finger foods: with anchovies, with creams and fresh herbs, with salmon eggs, fresh cheese and drill, with burratas and Truffle Perlage or simply sprinkled with pesto powder.Perfect crumbled on salads

45g = 2,50 euro
100g = 4,50 euro
GEDEHYDREERD TRUFFEL: Thank’s to a brand new technique, Tartuflanghe has finally found the way to obtain the dehydrated White en Black Truffle. This innovative preserving process was presented at the “Alba White Truffle Award” and used from two of the best Italian Chef: Enrico Crippa - www.piazzaduomoalba.it ; Massimo Bottura - www.osteriafrancescana.it
The dehydrated  Alba Truffle can be now preserved for 9 months at room temperature and its taste can be kept unchanged, with a surprising long lasting flavour. The new technique is based on the drying process made in a vacuum room, in order to take all moisture out of the truffle, being the water the main responsible of its fast deterioration. This technique is not based on chemical manipulation, but on a physical process.
While part of the smell is lost during the process, it is possible to keep the flavours in the product and to keep unchanged the characteristic taste of the Alba Truffle.
The outstanding smell and the taste are then released when the dehydrated Truffle is served on warm dishes, giving off those characteristic flavours which make the truffle so unique.
The dehydrated White Truffle does not contain preservatives, nor flavourings: it is 100% Alba Truffle. After the dehydrating process, the truffle looses all moisture (about 80%): from 5g of fresh white truffle we obtain 1g of dehydrated truffle.
Thank’s to this unique technique, the Alba Truffle could be eaten also outside the season with its unchanged taste, which make it famous all around the world

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BOTER MET TRUFFEL (91% boter, 9% truffel)

7.15 euro